Why I Run

10174919_10152040137081732_60737826_nSpring has arrived in Vermont. And as much as I have been hoping for a couple more days on the ski trails that is just not in the cards. Let’s hope the weather gods shine down on us next winter with better conditions.

But with the melting of the snow brings longer days, chirping of the birds, budding trees and one of my favorite spring time renewals: running. For real runners I’m a jogger. Slow and steady and certainly not built for speed.

My first outdoor evening run reminded me of something I wrote for Run Vermont a couple years back. It rings true even more so today. I run for me. For my time with the road.

With a few weeks on the treadmill and today the first of many glorious post work runs along Lake Champlain I’m ready. Ready for spring!

Before my Run Vermont post here are a few of my running jogging pics from the years…

The Run Down – The RunVermont Blog

October 17th, 2011

Meet 29 year-old Gretchen Kruesi from Burlington …. we love her simple reasons to keep running.

The 2011 Vermont City Marathon was my 6th half marathon and my 3rd time doing this race. I’m not a runner by training or naturally built for it. I started running in college. I don’t know how fast I ran or how far. I ran to find that time with the road that was just between me and my sneakers. My first half marathon was in 2007 I didn’t read any literature and ran with old crummy sneakers and cotton shorts. It was 95 degrees at 6am. I fought through the chafing, the aching muscles, the chills from dehydration because I was determined to finish. I learned my lesson – that others might know something about this running thing – like good running shoes and glide are a runners best friend.

This year my training was delayed for a few reasons (one being the snow just wouldn’t melt). I don’t run to beat records or qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have one pace – and it is a slow one – whether it is 3 miles or 13.  This year I was lucky enough to have a first time runner doing the first leg for our team. Meeting him; hearing his excitement and apprehension reminded even more why I keep running. I didn’t break my personal record this year in terms of speed but brought me back to why I started in the first place.

Running is my solace. It doesn’t get upset if I don’t call. It doesn’t tell me what decisions to make in my life. And it doesn’t mind if I don’t visit it for weeks at a time. It is just happy when I return. It doesn’t care what speed I go or how far I run. Running lets me run through my frustration, my joy, my exhaustion, my loves, my disappointment’s and leaves me more energized and at ease than when I began. I run for me and for no one else. That is why I run.


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