About Me

1208929_10151611357301732_171138661_nSo who am I? Excellent question. I’m a 30 something living in the metropolis of Burlington, Vermont. Grew up on edge of the Adirondack’s and set packing for six years to the beauty of Montana after high school to care-free NYC for a couple of years (yeah I didn’t last long – I’m not a lifer) and now settling some roots down in Vermont.

I work hard for a small independent publisher doing all things related to the internets. But work less than I ever have before (Weekends – I have them. That’s a new thing after doing the never ending campaigns for close to a decade).

What do I like to do in my free time? Oh so many things, so little time: horseback riding, discgolf, hiking, kayaking, running (or for runners I’m a jogger),  all things water related (Lake Champlain is amazing), and generally anything involving a tasty cocktail, live music and of course a good lively debate. And last but not least, making fun of my bestfriend “Chuckles”. He falls down a lot so he doesn’t make it very hard.

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Why A Blog?

Well I’m not sure if I’ll  keep with it. I initially thought I’d call it Texts from Chuckles, after my best friend, and how ridiculous our conversations are. But on second thought – probably only funny if you’re there. What really inspired me is that I’m just starting to hike the ADK High Peaks again and want to document that journey. Will I make it to hitting all 46 of them. Not sure. I’ll probably also post on other things. We’ll see how it goes.

Krazy Kruesi

Yep. It’s a nickname. And about the only one I can stand. GK is ok by me too – but that’s a bit short for a blog name.

Contact Me

Nope. I’m not looking for feedback so no contact forms.