Québec City: Un avant-goût de France

That is to say “Quebec City: A Taste of France”. Not sure how Canadians (or the French) feel about that but considering the percentage of french speaking, and the old European town feel — I’m rolling with it.

I simply love Quebec City: the fortified walls, cobbled windy European streets, architecture, overlooking the St. Lawrence River and all within driving distance. Who could ask for more? Oh right, they love good coffee, chocolate and wine. So I guess I did ask for more.

The one thing I could do without on this recent trip – hitting a storm that caused roads from hell, all while trying to negotiate driving when I was coming down with a head cold. Once we got there, and I decided that I didn’t have to drive again until Sunday, all was right in the world. Ok the beer helped too:)

Friday we had a relaxing lunch and coffee. Well, Ale and I had coffee, Chuckles had a bowl of coffee which was basically the size of my head. A relaxing stint in the sauna and pool hit the perfect spot before heading off to dinner.

Pretty first night walking through old town. Perfection

Restaurant SSS doesn’t have a name that makes me think – oh yeah I’m going to love that. But oh man was it fabulous. I had the Roasted Cornish hen. No words needed. Yep that good. Then off to some more wandering through the snowy streets of Old Quebec, more wine and dessert.

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church with side view of mural

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church with side view of mural

The next day, we then hit up Musee National des Beaux-Arts , with some great art, more amazing food, and nice leisurely walk through Plains of Abraham, before strolling back to Old Town.

I got a Sudafed induced nap  to stage off my head cold, while Chuckles and Ale did some window shopping. Then off to dinner.

We failed. Well, not really. Just that we walked for an hour looking for a restaurant to test out. But I think Restaurant SSS was so great, that our expectations were high – nothing touristy and certainly nothing that would be considered “family dining” – that is lots of screaming, spitting, children. So where did we end up? Well, it was delicious. It just happened to be right in the hotel.

Another pretty snowy night.

Another pretty snowy night.

The food was fabulous. Dessert was divine. And we had the best seat in the entire place – not in the main dinning room, but off in a smaller, side room. Considering the packed (read really, really loud and crowded) nature of the main dinning room, we lucked out.

The trip was fast but we got a nice walk on the boardwalk over looking the St. Lawrence River before we headed back to the hotel for checkout. Once we were outside of the City, I peaced out and took a nap in the backseat. Thanks to Chuckles for not giving me a heart attack while driving my car (I can let go. I can let go. If I say it is so it will come true…).

How was the head cold? Well it stayed off for most of the visit minus my energy level and some general pressure/congestion. But Monday – well I was out flat. Tuesday my brain stopped functioning. So yeah, glad that my body held out for Quebec City but I think the germs were just building and waiting for reinforcements to attack with everything they had.

Au revoir, la ville de Québec. Jusqu’à la prochaine fois.

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