Yes and Thank you: Snow!

View from Camel's Hump from the Green warm up loop.

View from Camel’s Hump from the Green warm up loop.

It has not been a great year for snow. I’ve been downright cranky the past month or so. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still better than last year. But considering I had a broken elbow, and the big decision of the day was whether it was worth the pain to shower – that isn’t really the best comparison.

We got some late December snow, and I got a couple of good runs in, but then came the rain, and when we did get snow, a thaw would follow. Not to mention the subzero temperatures, that brought no new snow. I don’t mind cold, if it brings the fluffy white stuff to play in, but a polar vortex with no snow. Now that’s just mean. 


After a couple of warm ups loops on the green, I hit the Sandmans trail for a few runs. I think the night loop is in my future:)

This week, we got a little dump, and today was a perfect sunny day, with temps in the high 20s, for the best trails I’ve seen so far this year.  My first at Catamount Outdoor Center this year, and boy what a difference a year makes. I’m still a beginner, and likely won’t be hitting any black diamonds or be built for speed, well ever. But I can feel the improvement. Seeing trails with no tracks no longer sends fear to my heart, and corners/hills that last year had some less than graceful moments, were no biggie. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be going off the groomed trails into back country soon but hitting up new trails is getting a whole lot easier and more fun:)

So I guess, practice does make (closer to) perfect. Looking forward to a very, very, snowy February and March (fingers crossed).

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