Winter is Coming

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Vermont in the winter is a winter wonderland.

Yep. It is that time of year when winter is coming. O.K. it is actually here since as I write this, it is minus 9 degrees, and that is not including windchill. Yeah. It is a bit chilly. But I’ll take it if it means I get to enjoy all the fun of the snow like snowshoeing, skiing and general prettiness. What I don’t like is the cold (and ice) when I get no use of it.

Like the epic ice storm we got a few weeks ago. Scrapping inches and inches off my car for days on end and literally needed a hammer to remove all the ice off my front steps. No fun at all. But here is to hoping that is behind us and the cold brings all the fluffy white stuff we can use.

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It’s not winter in Burlington until you see hundred’s of Santa’s running down the road. Yes it is a tradition. And if you don’t like the color red, well, tough luck.


Church Street. It is always a great walking downtown, and though Christmas decorations (and music) aren’t really something I love (it is usually over done), Church Street is even more beautiful with snow, lights and the Christmas Tree. Also helps that there is no one around because it is too freaking cold. And cold, crisp sound of your shoes on the snow and nothing else is a sound that I will always yearn for.

I lucked out this year – my mom, sister and brother-in-law made the trek over to Vermont for Christmas. My first year not traveling. It was perfect! Well, nearly. I had my heart set on ski trails and spending my days in the snow. I still got some good runs in, but the recent ice storm from hell, made for more ice, less open trails but I made epic time on some of the runs.  My sister also loved her present – a photo album of her through the years. You can see an online preview here. Sure glad, since it took a few months:)

Here’s to a great winter playing in the snow. And no more ice storms!

Playing in the Snow. Vermont fun times!

Christmas in Vermont

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Ice Storm from Hell

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