Sweet Dreams Quazie

Photo Oct 23, 2 58 58 PMQuazar was named after a star. The brightest star – putting out thousand times more energy than our entire galaxy. And true to her name – she was indeed the brightest.

We had lots of great times together – feeding her peanut-butter, walks to the park, good times snuggling on our couch. Unfortunately, her time came to an end today; after two years of fighting off kidney and liver failure.  She was ready to go.

For nearly 14 years, for my two best friends she was a member of their family. I’m lucky to have known her for the past five years, and even got to dogsit for a few weeks when her parents went off to Italy. A naturally snugglier she is not, but much to my surprise she was cuddling me in bed by the end. O.K. giving her treats in bed probably helped.

Recently, it was becoming clear that the end was near. She got one last visit with me to the office for a  full day with the brightest of stars. I also got to spoil her rotten with treats (sorry Ale, don’t kill me). Last night, while her parents took a much needed break, I stayed with her —  peanut-butter and snuggles in hand. I miss her already. Trips to the ADKs will not be the same without you.

Sleep well Quazie. And have some extra treats for me:)

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