Yep. This girl is going to be an Aunt!

Last (1)That is right my baby sister is going to have a baby! Words can’t describe how thrilled I am to be an Aunt. I’m already planning on the fun times – teaching her to swear, spit,  jump into mud puddles, jump off cliffs – you know all the fun stuff that good little girls are supposed to do:)

In all seriousness, I’m so happy for Isabel and Kyle with their pending bundle of joy. It still amazes me that Isabel is literally growing a human life inside of her. #mindblown.

I can’t wait for “Sweet Baby Girl” to arrive! I’ll be taking a week from work to help the parents to be in all the other things of life – laundry, cleaning, cooking, food-shopping – so when their little bundle of joy sleeps so can they (I’m sure they are going to need it!).

I guess this means I’ll have to stop thinking of Isabel as my thirteen year old baby sister. I probably should but unlikely that will actually happen.

2015-02-05 19.00.28 The cutest mommy to be ever!

In celebration, I had the honor of helping to organize my sister’s baby shower. I of course built a website just for the occasion. That’s totally normal, right? It was a fabulous affair with good food, fun times and lots of great peeps celebrating Isabel, Kyle and baby Daggett.

Isabel’s Baby Shower Pictures

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