On Deck: Colvin and Blake


A long weekend coming up brings another great opportunity to get another hike in and check a couple mountains off the list. 

It’ll be a long day totaling about 13.6 miles (round trip), and take about 10 hours. Though about 2.5 miles (one way) of that is on Lake Rd and is privately owned by the Adirondack Mountain Reserve. Allows hikers but not car traffic (unless you are a club member. There is a bus from the gate to the trail-head but unfortunately is not open for the public either).

Given the length of day-light and length of the hike I’ll be adding two pieces of equipment to my pack: water filtration system and head lamp. Hopefully I won’t need either but a 10 hr hike in October I’m a firm believer of not being on a trail in the dark or without water.

The col between Colvin and Blake is not going to be fun. About every description I’ve heard is not one of enjoyment. Add in that Blake has no view or really any sort of summit. That being said I’m excited for the weekend (and the hike). There are supposed to be some splendid views of Lower Ausable Lake, Sawteeth and the Great Range on Colvin.

I’m tempted to go via Gill Brook trail since there are many picturesque views with its many waterfalls and small flumes but it adds some length. Not to worry I’ll get a chance to hike it when doing Nippletop (my least favorite name of any of the peaks). 

Blake Peak (among three others as part of the 1954 revisions) is actually not above the 4K mark. Bummer. It’s still grouped among the 46 high peaks originally measured to be at 4,000. Probably part of the reason it being treated like a second class citizen and really reserved for those seeking to hike all 46. Poor Blake it is just 20 feet shy.

Since I have Monday off from work, my two best-friends will be joining me for the long weekend (though not the hike). They are very excited about leaving Burlington at 5am (uhm…actually no). But in addition to the hike I’m looking forward to a couple of low-key days in the Lake Placid area. We’ll probably check out the Gondola Ride up Whiteface (one day of hiking will be enough), High Falls Gorge and our Hotel (Golden Arrow) was chosen in part because of the beach front access. I plan to curl up to a good book with a cocktail in hand.

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