Closing up Camp: The End of Summer

Family camp - view from the beach

Family camp – view from the beach

So if you haven’t noticed by now I love the Adirondack’s. Where did that love come from? Well, first off who doesn’t love the ADKS, I mean really… Well, I grew up on the southern edge of the Adirondack Park and we have a family home on a small lake on West Mountain. It is one of those small communities (26 cabins) with a long, connected history. And is the epicenter of our family.

While we keep the house open through Thanksgiving there is a closing work day where all the docks, boats, benches, tennis courts, etc. are wrapped up for the year. I haven’t been to a work day in a long while (being far away for many years meant I didn’t hop on a plane just to put some boats in the summer house). But now as I (and my sister) start using the camp more, it’s time to step it up and do our part.

A couple of weeks ago I went home and lent a hand to closing things down — my biggest task was carrying all the boats off the beach into the summer house. And of course watching those that get tasked with bringing the docks in for the fall/winter.

It was a also a great opportunity to see family – my sister, her husband, my mother, cousins, grandma, etc. I was also lucky that my father happened to be in the area (he lives in CA) for a business trip. So my sis and I got to get a nice dinner in with him.

Closing camp always signifies the end of summer to me. Even it is in the 80s while I write this – but there is no denying the days are getting shorter and a crispness is in the air. So it’s been a great summer season at camp – until next year….

More Pics of the Family Camp

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